How Many Millionaires

Is the American dream still alive today? Can you build wealth that lasts in this economy? These are questions I hear all the time. And I want you to know the answer to them is yes! The American dream is alive and well. If you know me, you know I like busting the myth that millionaire status is out of reach for most Americans. That’s right, people! It’s not impossible to become a millionaire in today’s economy. But it does take a change of mindset. “Normal” people will say you need to borrow money and use debt for today’s society to function. False! You’ll also hear that you’re “not truly living” if you decide to skip a vacation or renovation project to pile up money for a far-off savings goa

Rent a Car Without a Credit Card

There are a million reasons why people think they can’t part with their credit cards. Believe us, at this point we’ve pretty much heard them all. One reason that always seems to pop up is the age-old, “But I need a credit card to rent a car.” And guess what? That just isn’t true. We’re going to let you in on a not-so-secret “secret”—you can rent a car without a credit card. You can even travel without using a credit card. It’s mind-blowing stuff. In fact, you can live your life as you normally would without ever using a credit card for anything. But that’s a different rant for a different day . . . Buckle up, because we’re about to show you how to rent a car without a credit card. Read More

Which Is Better?

When you’re paying off debt, buying used seems to make sense. After all, you’re saving anywhere you can! You hit up thrift shops, Craigslist, eBay, and every yard sale you drive by. But sometimes, buying used can get you in trouble. So, when should you buy used, and when should you buy new? 10 Things to Buy New 1. Tires You’re treading dangerously with used tires. How much life is left? Is there a difficult-to-spot nail lodged in there? Sure, new tires can be crazy expensive, but wait for those “buy three, get one free” deals. Your tires are standing between your family and the road below, after all. You should always by tires new, but know that doesn’t mean you have to buy ultra-high-perfor

Online or Tax Pro

Can you believe it’s 2019 already? If it’s anything like last year, time will fly! Before you know it, it’ll be April, and you’ll be scrambling to meet the tax-filing deadline. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not quite. We can all agree that doing taxes is a pain. But no matter how long you wait, you still have to file them. If you don’t want to do your taxes yourself—and we don’t blame you if you don’t—you could consider teaming up with a tax pro. But is that the right choice for you? Or are you better off just filing online yourself? It really comes down to you and your personal situation. Here are some helpful guidelines to make the choice a little easier. Read More #DaveRamseyB

Moving Cost.

Congrats! You’re moving! Before you pack up a pile of books and appliances into cardboard boxes, you may wonder whether you should move everything yourself or hire a moving company. It’d be nice to sit back while a team of movers does all the heavy lifting—unless they drop your 50-inch LED TV. But there’s a bigger risk at hand: not budgeting enough money for moving costs. Read More #MoneyMatters #Home

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