What is Coinsurance?

You know the old saying, “Sharing is caring?” When it comes to paying for health insurance, the same rule applies. While your car insurance, homeowner’s and renter’s insurance will often cover 100% of your costs once you hit your deductible, health insurance is a little different. Instead, most health plans split the costs for medical care between you and your health insurance for a brief period of time after you hit your deductible—usually through a cost-sharing method called coinsurance. Before We Talk About Coinsurance Health insurance is very complex and difficult to understand—kind of like your doctor’s handwriting. It’s easy to get lost in a maze of jargon and lingo that makes your ey


With baby boomers more aware of their own mortality these days, “bucket lists” of things to do before one’s demise have become increasingly popular. Our friends at Hagerty® have listed their top five cars that need to be driven before kicking the bucket, taking the big dirt nap, biting the dust or, well, you get the idea: 1. 1967 Corvette L88: The L88 was the Corvette that ordinary civilians weren’t supposed to be able to buy. Rather, it was built to be taken racing by “privateers” (GM was still observing a ban on manufacturer supported racing). Although a regular production option, the L88 was expensive and came with almost no creature comforts. The horsepower was deliberately underra

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