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6 Ways to Avoid Going Broke on Vacation

You probably love the thought of going on your next vacation. But we’re guessing you don’t love the thought of all your money leaving your bank account to pull off said vacation. If only there was a way to have a great trip without spending too much.

There is a way. Actually, we know six of them! Here are half a dozen ways to have fun on your next getaway without going broke.

1. Enjoy a few things rather than doing everything.

If you pack too many sightseeing tours and stage shows into your big-city visit, the costs really add up. On top of that, it’s hard to enjoy any of the activities. Why? Because you’re too busy looking at the clock and hoping you aren’t late to the nextactivity! Plan one or two events per day and enjoy them to the hilt. You’ll save money, avoid stress, and be able to relish your experience! Read More

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