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Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Coupons

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with the grocery store. We love eating the food but hate shopping for it. Perhaps it’s the lines. Maybe it’s the time we’d rather spend elsewhere. Probably it’s because so much of our money goes into that category on our budget.

We recommend spending 5-15% of your take-home pay on food, which includes groceries and eating out. But even if your food budget falls within this healthy range, maybe you’d still like to see it come down a bit. Check out these five easy ways to cut your grocery bill—without clipping coupons.

1. Redefine Dinner

If the word dinner conjures up a big homemade meal with a nice cut of meat, two steaming sides of fresh veggies from the local co-op, a crusty French loaf and a chocolaty finish, cut yourself some slack! This isn’t the 1950s and suppers don’t have to be a big deal.

Your kids and spouse will survive on BLTs, omelets or a nice salad several times a week. And summer is a great time for fruits—only feast once in a while. Don’t be afraid of serving simple meals. Reduce your guilt and your budget by rethinking the most misunderstood meal of the day. Read More

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