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Which Is Better?

When you’re paying off debt, buying used seems to make sense. After all, you’re saving anywhere you can! You hit up thrift shops, Craigslist, eBay, and every yard sale you drive by. But sometimes, buying used can get you in trouble.

So, when should you buy used, and when should you buy new?

10 Things to Buy New

1. Tires

You’re treading dangerously with used tires. How much life is left? Is there a difficult-to-spot nail lodged in there? Sure, new tires can be crazy expensive, but wait for those “buy three, get one free” deals. Your tires are standing between your family and the road below, after all.

You should always by tires new, but know that doesn’t mean you have to buy ultra-high-performance Michelins to be safe. Read More


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