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How Many Millionaires

Is the American dream still alive today? Can you build wealth that lasts in this economy? These are questions I hear all the time. And I want you to know the answer to them is yes! The American dream is alive and well.

If you know me, you know I like busting the myth that millionaire status is out of reach for most Americans. That’s right, people! It’s not impossible to become a millionaire in today’s economy.

But it does take a change of mindset.

“Normal” people will say you need to borrow money and use debt for today’s society to function. False! You’ll also hear that you’re “not truly living” if you decide to skip a vacation or renovation project to pile up money for a far-off savings goal. The truth is you work too long and too hard to have nothing to show for it in retirement except for a measly social security check that barely covers a can of dog food.

Listen up! We all have the resources available today to form a game plan that could make us millionaires. Don’t believe me? I’m going to show you how many people around you have already reached millionaire status. Read More


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