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Starbucks Hacks

Life without coffee is not an option. But what about those mornings you’re just trying to get out the door looking presentable when you suddenly realize the worst. You forgot to caffeinate! Oh, the temptation of that green sign and all the energy brewed up inside.

But what’s that convenient caffeination costing you? About $3.50 a trip. If you do that all week, you’re looking at $70 a month—which adds up to about $840 a year! Wouldn’t it be nice to save some of that Starbucks-run money?

You can. And it isn’t even that hard. You don’t have to break the bank on your coffee, and you don’t have to break up with your barista. Just use these 10 Starbucks hacks to save some serious cash on your next visit.

1. Become a Rewards Member.

Question: What’s free, has loads of benefits, and gets you free coffee? Answer: a Starbucks Rewards membership. Sign up online or in the app to get all the perks. We’re talking free refills on brewed coffee, exclusive offers, birthday freebies, and the chance to earn “stars” to redeem on various rewards.

Here’s a venti-sized callout, though. Do not, we repeat, do not get the Starbucks credit card. When you sign up to be a rewards member, you’ll get a hard sales pitch, but just say yes to the membership and no to the credit card.

2. Get Creative With Your Drink Choices.

You can drink well for less. Want a cheap latte? Order a double espresso in a venti cup, then add your own milk and sugar over at the bar area. Want something for the hot days? Ask for a regular iced coffee with a pump of classic syrup (which is free) and—again—add cream to your liking. Want a chai tea latte? Order a Tazo Chai tea. Then, you guessed it, add that free milk.

These are easy substitutes for your favorite drinks. Try them out and save big.

3. Pick a Brewed Coffee Over a Latte.

The brewed coffee options at Starbucks are cheaper than the fancy-pants coffees, but you still get the Starbucks goodness and experience. Consider these three brewed facts:

  • A tall coffee has more caffeine than a venti latte (235 mg to 150 mg), and it’s half the price.

  • You get discounted refills on brewed coffee when you drink in the store (free if you’re a rewards member!). So if you’re putting the finishing touches on your screenplay and enjoying the coffee shop atmosphere, keep walking up to the counter for cheap re-caffeination!

  • If you think brewed coffee is boring coffee, think again! Try the Caffè Misto. It’s half brewed coffee and half steamed milk, giving you that latte feel without that latte price.

4. Order a Short Size.

Did you know Starbucks has more than just the three sizes you see on the menu? Yes, it’s true. You aren’t just limited to tall, grande or venti! There’s a secret smaller cup—the short size. (Shh. Keep it secret. Keep it safe. JK—tell all your friends! Help them save money too.)

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